incspaces, a leading space as a service operator, will launch a dedicated new offering for the Work From Near Home (WFNH) market in 2021 after debuting plans to open convenient, inspirational destination places across the UK. The new spaces will tap into the increasing need for office and co-working spaces to offer added value with food and drink, leisure and well being services.

Having announced incspaces has secured an exclusive agreement with Dan Shaw Consultancy and Perman Design to create and design a number of WFNH destinations across the UK, incspaces new concept will launch in a number of key locations in 2021, with cities such as Newcastle, Watford, Milton Keynes, Nottingham, Essex, Reading, Bristol and Manchester all under consideration. It will also look towards undervalued, under pressure high street locations to breathe life into them as WFNH spaces.

For what incspaces CEO Jack Mason said on the matter, and for more information on the initiative as a whole, read the full press release here. 


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