Having dogs around while we work is not just fun; it’s good for us.

They can improve our work lives and mental health and help us get along better at work, but aside from all the positives, we need to ensure they work for everyone.

  • Fact: It just feels great  

    Research shows that being around dogs can make us feel less stressed and happier. When we spend time with dogs, our bodies release chemicals that make us feel good, like dopamine and serotonin.   

    One study published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that people feel more satisfied when dogs are present at work.   

    Petting a dog can lower our heartbeats, helping us feel calm and relaxed. Great before that critical meeting.  



    Not only do dogs improve our mental health and work relationships, but they also encourage healthier physical habits.   

    Offices with dogs may see an increase in physical activity as employees take breaks to walk the dogs. This provides a mental break from work and promotes physical health through exercise. Regular daily walks and movement can decrease the risk of sedentary lifestyle diseases such as heart disease and diabetes.   

    Getting up from your desk to interact with a dog can reduce the physical strain of sitting for too long and give you some peace from your co-workers.  


    A Pack of Dogs  

    Dogs can help us talk more with the people we work with. They give us something to talk about and make it easier to start conversations, making the office feel more like a community.   

    When people talk and get along better, they can work better together, too. So, dogs don’t just make us happier; they help us work as a team.   


    Tips for Your Office  

    Not everyone likes having dogs around. Some people might be allergic to or scared of dogs. And sometimes, dogs can be noisy or make a mess. Offices must consider these things and make plans so everyone is comfortable.

    This could mean having places where dogs aren’t allowed or making rules about which dogs can come to work. Tip: While dogs might like the kitchen, there may be better ideas.  


    Why It’s a Good Idea to Try   

    Letting dogs into the office shows that a company cares about its workers’ happiness and health. Dogs can help us feel better mentally, get along better with colleagues, and create a happier workplace.     

    With some careful planning to address any concerns, allowing dogs to work can be a great move for everyone.  

    Incorporating dogs into the office environment is more than just a trend; it’s a movement towards creating a more inclusive, healthy, and productive workplace. The presence of your furry friends can significantly boost mental health, enhance team dynamics, and even promote physical well-being.   


    Plus, dogs love it, too.