Why Freelancers Are Choosing Flexible Office Space

The benefits of flex space for freelancers are numerous, they provide an environment that favours ambitious projects, boosts individual capacities, whilst minimising stress and loneliness. Working from a flexible office space allows you to break away from the conventional way of working and be productive in a setting that is full of inspiration and positive energy.

Temporary & Flexible
Traditional leased office space may not always be able to meet the needs of businesses at all stages of their growth. Flex space can offer contracts for shorter periods of time. Start-ups and entrepreneurs may require temporary office space while they determine the best location for their business, so this is a great way to gain experience without major commitment.

Deciding to work out of flex space means you won’t have to pay for a printer, furniture, utilities, or even coffee. The short term leases mean you can take things month by month and expand, or downsize as your business changes.

Networking & Social Opportunities
Instead of vertical growth up a corporate ladder, freelancers typically achieve lateral advancement by gaining and applying knowledge acquired from one project to the next. Freelancers prefer to come up with their own ideas and answers, so being among others who can help them grow and expand their talents for new endeavours is beneficial. This is exactly the type of atmosphere that a flexible space fosters. The fast paced atmosphere of a co-working space means you never know who you might bump into either in the space itself, during your commute, or out grabbing lunch. At incspaces, we host various networking events, product launches, charity events, and more – which is a great way to raise awareness for your company.

It is a huge motivator to share a workspace with those who have made similar career risks, and share wins and frustrations. Being part of a coworking space offers a sense of belonging without competition, as they house people from all industries working on vastly different goals.

Better Work/Home Balance

For many freelancers, the boundaries between work and personal life become blurred as there is no clear beginning or end to the working day. Having a designated place of work, which they can physically leave helps with mentally switching off and enjoying down time.

An ergonomic desk set up, professional call answering, mail handling, printing services and reliable Wi-Fi are all essential to the smooth running of any small business. All these are included in the price of an incspaces membership which means you can focus on what is important – your business. The on site events, occasional beers, and member perks are an added bonus!