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The UK’s only all-in-one virtual office and desk space for aspiring individuals beginning their journey into entrepreneurship.

Infinity Office has been designed to help kick-start your business network with like-minded individuals and, more importantly, take your idea from the bedroom to the boardroom. Our Manchester office is perfect for those looking to attach a professional address to their business.

How does a virtual office work?

If you’re looking for a prestigious address without the need to actually sign up for office space, then a virtual office is what you need.

Sign up and get access to our prestigious address for your website, business card or companies house correspondence to give that professional image.

We’ll send your mail by e-mail, or you can set up your laptop for the day in our co-working space and collect it when you visit.


  • On-site support team

  • Digital mail forwarding

  • 50% off day passes

  • Anytime mail pickup

  • 50% off meeting room hire

  • Free access to events & seminars

  • Desk space included

  • 50% off event space hire

  • Statutory mail for HMRC & Companies House

Virtual office FAQs

A virtual office gives businesses a physical address and office-related help without needing a real office space. This means you can work from anywhere but still have a professional address where clients can reach you.

It might be that you’re a startup that can’t afford the office space, or you prefer to work from home, but don’t want your home address related to the business. With a virtual office, your business can grow or shrink without worrying about space. You can also work from anywhere without needing to pay for the office space, which means you can adjust quickly to new opportunities or challenges.

Alongside being able to utilise our company address for your business, we also offer 50% Off Meeting Rooms, Event Space Hire & Day Passes, Free access to events & seminars, & Statutory mail, such as HMRC & Companies House included.

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