‘Earn up to £5000 from a successful referral to us.’

A successful referral is :

* Registered as a first lead with name, company, e mail address and contact number.
* A first lead means our sales team have checked our database and no such lead has been registered before.
* If the referred person or company then complete a deal with us that results in a value of £500 (including vat) or more; then Incspaces shall reward the referrer with a fee payable at 10% of the contract value (subject to a maximum cap of £5000 including vat).
* The referrer shall be paid within 45 days of when the deal is completed and funds have been paid and the referred person or company are using the services paid for.
* All fees paid shall be a one time only fee and payable to the referrer by way of payment to a UK bank account as provided by the referrer.
* Incspaces shall take no responsibility for any taxation etc as a result of paying such fees to the referrer. Such matters remain the referrer’s own responsibility.
* This offer may end at anytime subject to Incspaces Board decisions. Albeit any referral lodged with the sales team shall have a lifespan of recognition prior to completion for a period of up to 12 months from registration.

These terms were last updated on 12/01/2022