Have you ever sat through a meeting and wondered, a. What is this actually about? and b. Why am I even here?

The value of a well-conducted meeting cannot be overstated. It’s not just about gathering people in a room; it’s about creating an environment where ideas can flow, decisions can be made, and strategies can be forged. The foundation of a successful meeting often lies in returning to basics and ensuring everyone comes away with a positive attitude instead of half asleep.

Have a Clear Plan  

We can’t overstate how important this is. Before the meeting, outline a concise agenda and share it with all participants beforehand. This should detail the topics to be discussed, the objectives of the meeting, and any preparation required from attendees. During the meeting, stick to this plan but remain flexible for spontaneous discussion and creativity.  

This balance ensures that the meeting remains productive and goal-oriented while having an environment where participants can feel they have enough time and respect to share their thoughts.  


Have All the Right People  

We’re not saying a meeting to discuss what colours to paint the new office isn’t important, but we reckon the development team, the IT guy and Sally from finance probably don’t need to be in it.  

Ensure that every participant has a clear role and reason for being there. This not only makes the meeting more productive but also respects each attendee’s time and contribution.  

By carefully selecting participants, you ensure that discussions are focused, decisions are reached more efficiently, and the meeting’s objectives are achieved.  


Leave Job Titles at the Door  

You’ll always need someone to lead a discussion, but one key to a successful meeting is creating an atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable contributing, regardless of their position within the company.  

Encouraging participants to leave their job titles at the door promotes a culture of equality and openness. It ensures that the best ideas are heard and considered on merit, not based on the hierarchy of the contributors.  


Find the Right Location  

The venue of your meeting can significantly influence its outcome. Changing scenery from the usual office environment can spark creativity, encourage participation, and ensure attendees are more focused. The right location is not just about aesthetics; it’s about functionality, accessibility, and the message it conveys about your meeting’s importance.   

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