Whilst March 2021 marks the one-year anniversary of national lockdowns, for incspaces, it also marks our first birthday as a company! And despite extraordinary circumstances, we have managed to achieve a lot and have many things to be proud of. Like the rest of the nation, we have had to adapt, and quickly, to a situation that nobody had experienced before. This meant enhancing cleaning schedules, implementing social distancing rules throughout our centres, and working hard to safeguard the health and well-being of our members, and staff.

In October 2020, we launched our first Manchester site, offering 11,500 sq. ft of flexible office space at 101 Princess Street. By offering desk space FREE of charge to businesses that needed the support during the pandemic, we managed to help numerous freelancers and SMEs navigate the difficulties that COVID-19 burdened them with.

With more sites came more work, so we expanded our already brilliant workforce with several new hires, and all our centre managers completed training courses to help them continue to maintain our excellent levels of service. As the pandemic changed how businesses consumed office space, our “Future Workspace” concept was born, and work began on new Leeds sites “One Embankment” and “The Riverside”. The iconic Embankment buildings near Leeds train station are a perfect example of how we plan to implement more flexibility in our spaces and offer benefits that working from home cannot provide. With terraces overlooking the River Aire, sprawling courtyards, multiple business lounges and even an on-site fitness suite, the much-anticipated opening of these new sites will set a new, unrivalled standard for the industry.

With so many new updates to share, we needed a platform to share them on, so we launched our brand-new website, and raised engagement across our social channels to share our hard work with the world. And as our online presence continued to grow, so did our team. During the first lockdown, Ed Coulson joined us as Senior Sales Manager after being made redundant and we’re more than happy we were able to bring him on board. In November 2020, Laura Shields joined us as Sales Director and has accelerated business for incspaces, and in March 2021, Deborah Lines came on board as a new Centre Manager – a new face to the Manchester team. And that’s just 3 out of the many hires we’ve made!

If all of that wasn’t enough, our leadership team then went on to raise over £1000 for Land Aid charity in March 2021, to help end youth homelessness and we couldn’t be prouder of their dedication to such a great cause. 

We’d say that’s a productive year, wouldn’t you? Here’s to the next – fingers crossed, lockdown free – 12 months!