Terms & Conditions

– All brokers and agents that submit any referral to incspaces agrees to our terms and conditions and we have the right to amend these at any time without any prior notice

– All enquires must be sent directly to [email protected] for duplication checks and for the enquiry to be accepted

– Accept: There is no active enquiry under the company name and/or person and the enquiry will be accepted

– Reject Can Overturn: We have already received the lead however there is no completed viewing and can be overturned should a viewing be booked

– Reject: We cannot accept as there has been a viewing in the last 3 months or is still active with a completed viewing on the system. Alternatively, we have received this directly

– Accept followed by reject (overturn): This means the initial lead was accepted however, we now have a completed viewing from another source and now need to reject due to a completed viewing so this is then overturned

– Direct enquiries will not be overturned unless agreed by the Sales Director

– The sales team will be attempting to book a viewing based on the initial enquiry that first sent in the lead and fees will be owed should it result in a sale

– If a viewing does not show up, all parties will be able to try and secure another viewing on another day (outside of 24 hours). The broker or agent with the initial completed viewing will be the company with fees owed should it go to deal

– Confidential enquiries must confirm name and company at a viewing booked stage so a thorough check can take place otherwise we have the right to reject and no fees will be owed

– All fees are based on 10% of the initial net office license fee (rent) up to 12 months

– Expansion within the first 12 months incspaces will pay 10% up to the 12 months of the initial term from the commencement date

– If there is a break in the agreement, fees will be applicable up to the break, and should the break not be utilized the remaining fee up to 12 months from the commencement date will be applicable

– If a client should default, incspaces will be credited against another commission fee due or can be invoiced up to the value to be recouped.

– Hot desk and lounge memberships and virtual office introductions will also be paid 10% up to the first 12months

– Any one-off meeting room, event space hire, filming venues, conferences, daily hot desk would be paid for the one-off introduction of 10% of the net value excluding services, such as catering and equipment. Any future bookings must have a referral for fees to be owed

– It is solely the responsibility of the broker or agent to request fees by way of an invoice. Any future fees associated with the client after the initial fee such as expansion or after a break opportunity must be sent to our accounts department

– Any fee disputes where more than 1 broker is working the enquiry for any reason will be resolved at the discretion of the Sales Director

– It is the right of incspaces to change the % payable including incentives which will be outlined outside of this document from the Sales Director

– All invoices must be received within 90 days of the completion of the deal

– All fees are payable to the broker/agent registered company and not to any individual

– All invoices must be sent to [email protected]

These terms were last updated on 10.2.2021