At incspaces. as well as providing serviced offices, co-working, and meeting rooms, we also provide a virtual service for those looking to take advantage of a business address without the overheads of a physical location. Read more about the benefits a virtual office could have for your business, here:


Regardless of where you are on your business journey, saving money is always beneficial. Opting for a virtual office saves money that would otherwise be spent on office fees. As many start-ups are working to a budget and many avenues funds need to be split over, a virtual office is a great way to offer a professional presence.


When you do need to meet with clients, you can take advantage of our meeting rooms and receive preferred rates on bookings. Conducting a meeting in a private room with reliable wifi, comfortable surroundings, great coffee and a reception area to greet your guests is far more credible than scouring your local coffee shop for a quiet corner. We also offer a mail forwarding service, so that you will always receive your business post without having to commute to our centres or giving out your home address


Whilst home-based businesses have become more common, a business address projects a more professional image to the world than a residential one. This is why they’re a popular option for freelancers, or budding entrepreneurs working from home. Some cities have sectors associated with different industries – financial or creative for example, which can boost credibility if a company’s address is situated in a sector relevant to their business. 


Having a business address separate from a residential one will offer the peace of mind that personal details aren’t being shared more than necessary. Even if your home is your official company HQ, you don’t want to be giving that address away to potential customers, suppliers, business partners or colleagues do you? If somebody turns up for an unexpected meeting, instead of catching you unaware at your home, they will turn up to one of our centres and be greeted by our on-site team who can then pass on the message that they are there.


SEO geolocation is a great benefit of having a virtual office as your registered address, as many businesses come up on the “near me” function on search engines. With our central locations in London, Leeds, and Manchester you can take advantage of a city centre business address. Furthermore, taking advantage of this feature to establish a presence in another city is far more cost-effective than investing in premises. If you want to expand your company into a different city than we operate from, a virtual address is a risk-free way to do so. With our expansion plans for the future, we will soon be able to offer even more locations to virtually operate from.

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