Summer is well and truly on the way, and if you’re like us at incspaces, your mind is racing with things you can do to embrace the vibe of the summer sun fully. We are always holding afternoons for our tenants to learn something new, do yoga in the studio, or sample food from faraway places.

When you are stuck with ideas for how to get your team together, fear not. Here are three of our best ideas.

Friday Lunch & Learn

Fridays are notorious for being slow and quiet, so as your team starts to get into weekend mode, why not let them all learn something new by looking into online learning? For example, seminars on the latest SEO techniques or social media strategies in marketing are free on Google. Tons of free courses, everything from conflict management to social media 101, are available just by searching online.

Beach Ball Brainstorming

Introduce a beach ball brainstorming session. Team members toss a beach ball to each other in a circle. Whoever catches the ball gets a turn to speak or share an idea about how they can improve work. If you’re in a feel-good mood, you can compliment another colleague for their work that week. This keeps meetings lively and ensures everyone has a chance to contribute their thoughts.

Solve Problems with Innovation Challenges

Organise a competition where teams brainstorm solutions for real company problems. This encourages creativity and teamwork as everyone works together to find practical solutions. Get out the whiteboard, lots of post-it notes, and have fun coming up with solutions; you never know. Some team members may have ideas you’ve yet to think of.

Getting your team together for something other than work is a great way to get off the hamster wheel. And what’s not to love about not doing work in the afternoon? At incspaces, we host a get-together every Thursday to encourage your staff to spend an hour or so relaxing, eating some tasty food, and meeting new people. With these summer plans, you’re not just having fun but preparing your team for future success.