We’re setting our sights on new horizons as we embark on a journey to expand our global footprint.

With a strong presence in key cities like London, Leeds, and Manchester, we are actively exploring opportunities to venture into international markets. Our aim is to make our high-quality workspace offerings available to businesses on a global scale, and we plan to make our mark in new international territories by the first quarter of 2024.

As part of our long-term growth strategy, our leadership team has ventured into cities across Europe and Asia, meticulously assessing potential properties and conducting thorough market research. Our objective is to identify locations that resonate with our company’s mission and values.

We are particularly interested in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Singapore, where we have already shortlisted potential buildings and are actively pursuing opportunities. These upcoming venues will offer top-notch private offices, meeting rooms, co-working spaces, and event facilities.

Our Managing Director, James Hennessy, expresses our enthusiasm, saying, “Since I joined the remarkable team at incspaces, we have executed ambitious growth plans that have propelled us forward. Opening two new sites has been a testament to our commitment. But we don’t plan to stop there. By the end of Q4 2023, we are on track to unveil a new site in the UK and another in Dublin. Moreover, we are eagerly looking to expand our presence into exciting international markets. We have diligently studied data from overseas to pinpoint the most promising opportunities, and I’m excited to see how the plans unfold.

Our strategy revolves around focusing on key cities poised for substantial growth and a strong demand for flexible workspaces. What truly sets us apart is our ability to establish robust and mutually beneficial relationships with landlords, resulting in joint venture management agreements. These agreements allow us to create exceptional environments for our clients, while driving value for our landlords.

As we journey forward, our commitment to providing exceptional workplace solutions remains unwavering. We eagerly anticipate the opportunities that lie ahead on the global stage.”

By the close of 2024, we anticipate doubling our international presence, bringing our global portfolio to a total of 10 buildings.